Manuela Blattmann, Projektleiterin at ARGUS der Presse AG

“Language boutique works with excellent translators as well as account managers and I have had the pleasure of working with them very closely at Ogilvy & Mather, working with them as copywriters/translators on various projects. Their linguistic competency is outstanding and they have a deep and detailed knowledge of the Spanish language, culture as well as the advertising market in the UK and the target audiences’ home country. They are very approachable and responsive and it has always been very rewarding working with them.”

Anne Lauenroth, Project Manager at EVG

"With the project now done and the last guides and all images delivered, I wanted to thank you all for your invaluable contribution.

In fact, it was a job so well done that, after reviewing the first round of localisations, the client's trust in our quality was such that they decided to validate and, eventually, publish the content without further in-house review. 

We also received positive feedback from the regional teams in charge of reviewing the new content we created in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and German. 

Thank you all very much for your dedication. I hope we get the chance to work on another round of this project (or any new project of a similar nature) in the future."

Jennifer Brooke Hoge, literary agent, International Editors’ Co. 

“Translators from Language boutique are by far the best translators into Spanish I’ve ever dealt with. Not only are they professional and punctual, but they also have an innate feel for language. They are a stellar team and I highly recommend them.”